Perhaps silence means that one's sex life is going strong?!  


Perhaps horny thoughts just have been on hold, perhaps my sex life lately has been to much for me that I couldn't share anything about it! Hmmm...

What I know is that I have spent my summer haunting the bushes for willing asses to screw and boyish men to lure down between my legs. For the last couple of months I have ended most days with a midnight swim, mostly in nude.. However, I can only show a photo of me jumping down from a cliff during the day!

Soon there will be loads of enjoyment here, so keep stopping by!!



What a trip to the local store can hurt you!  


I have sometimes wondered how hard I could be fucked.

I’m versatile. I love being fucked but I also love pounding my fat dick into someone’s ass. This time though I got banged. And that hard!

I’ve seen this cute guy at my local supermarket sometimes. And today when I went down to buy some milk he was there. He must have seen me checking him out, and especially today. He had his jeans so low, that just underneath his belt his cock made a huge bulge. I just couldn’t stop looking. I haven’t had a cock for a week so I just wanted it badly. He must have seen that in my eyes. After I paid for my milk and some other stuff I exited the store. Then when I was trying to light a cigarette he literally walked into me. He excused himself and gave me a smirk. I just stood there with my mouth open. He said that he had seen me a few times, and that today it seemed that I had been looking at him. My eyes dropped. And he definitely had a hard on. I asked if he lived close by, and yes he did. We went home to his place, and I walked in without taking my boots off. As soon as I came in to the living room he pushed me down on the sofa. I landed on the sofa on my stomach with my clothes and jacket on. I felt his hand on my ass straight away and he lifted my hips with his both hands. I felt his fingers unbuttoning my jeans and stroking the head of my cock. He drew down my jeans and I my underwear and I felt my butt completely naked in the air. He stopped for a moment, and he took a step away to get something. Just a few seconds later I felt his finger pushing up my ass hole. A few seconds later, and only a few, I felt his dick pushing at my ring. He entered inside immediately and it really was painful. He must have been big. His cock rammed me with his full size all way down. He went on with full speed at once. I felt the full length of his cock going out and in of my ass. It didn’t take him many thrusts before he came. He exploded inside of me and he fell with his full body on my back. He remained lying on me and I felt his breath on my ear. He then took out his cock and stroked my head. He said he didn’t have time anymore, but that he knew where he could find me. So I left. I ran home and I just wanked myself off. So now I need to have a shower. I still feel sore in my ass. That was the best Santa Claus gave me this Christmas!


I’m spending my Christmas with friends and we will have a spa day with sauna, then have some great food and finally get drunk and hopefully lucky with each other.

Imagine a Christmas in bed with Ryan Phillips  


Christmas is a time for love and fun,A time to reshape souls and roots and skies,A time to give your heart to everyone.

Freely, like a rich and lavish sun,Like a burning star to those whose lonely sighsShow need of such a time for love and fun.



What I feel like today  


My next goal  


I haven’t had a story to write for a while and it’s been quite quiet the last few days. But when it gets the most boring all fun starts and that’s really what happened today. On my way home I stopped by a friend’s place for some Wii-playing. Luckily I don’t have one myself because I would then have serious sleep problems. And one does always need to think about the day tomorrow – needing to slave away at work.

Feeling a little bit uncomfortable with not having had a dick for while in my mouth or fucked a cute ass serious working out is needed. And that’s what this game is really about. After a couple of sets of tennis his doorbell rang. It was his neighbour, and boy was that a stud. He wasn’t that young, but youngish enough not to be treated with silk glows. We played a few hours but I just felt I needed just needed to go home and undress this neighbour in my mind. When I see something hot I want it. I’ll normally do whatever is required of me, but this time it was my friends “unknown” neighbour so I couldn’t really be hard. My friend is also gay, and I presumed that this guy was either curious or outspoken a butt boy.

So I said I needed to head home, and to my surprise this guy said he would follow me half way to the tube and stop by the corner Seven Eleven. Obviously I knew that this was a little bit of a pick up line. But I needed to ignore it. It wasn’t the right place to be bold. I got into my shoes and put on my jacket. We both thanked our common friend and walked down the stairs out on the street. It was about five minutes walk to the corner store.

One block away from the store he stopped and asked me for a lighter. After he lit his cigarette he asked whether we could meet up this weekend. He could have asked me just to come in my trousers. Of course yes! He gave me his cell number. I don’t really know what he wants to do, but I sure got plans to get him completely naked and fuck him. I so regret that I wasn’t a little bit straightforward at once. I could have asked him to go and have a beer with me then and there. But there is always nice to look forward to something good just to make this week pass.


Sometimes there’s something special about someone. Even though you don’t immediately understand it. There is something that you want to know.  





I once again went to the gym with the hopes to see a guy with a great ass. And so I saw him biking on a cycling-machine. I am so tired right now, just need to go to bed in order to make my beauty sleep before tomorrow but I need to highlight this babe. So I saw him in the showers. Couldn’t help but feel quite happy to knot the towel around my waist. It hid my hard-on.

Then when I’ve started to take out my clean clothes from the locker he came around from the left of the locker-cubicle. He remained naked and started to fiddle with the key to his lock. I just stopped and started staring, he must have been aware of me already in the showers. He took one hand on one of my butt cheeks. He squeezed one time. He held his hand for about 30 seconds.

Then he started to dry himself off with his towel, got dressed and put the portable locker in his bag. He just looked at me once before he turned the corner and the room. That look meant he wanted more! At a moment he decided the fact that he could touch my ass. I know who he is, and he knows who I am. I only need to make him sure that trying doesn’t mean anything. I know my mission the next time when I meet him in a club. It’s too front up, and blunt to suggest going home to me when I’ll see him in the gym.


My incentive to sleep fast  


I feel tired and just want to get to sleep. I need my rest for tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day at work and I know that I need to get a private show with my Colleague. I’m going to send him a short message saying I’m going to match his services earlier this week. He well deserves a good treat and I should just prepare myself by wearing a crisp new and ironed shirt. Have my blond hair wet and ready. Making my lips moist and prepared to make him cum before lunch. I will show my abs and make him want to do have a short and brief, but hot, “meeting” soon. He doesn’t know what kind of horny devil he’d come across. I know I’d better set a meeting until eleven, so with lunch it’s perfect at one. I’m the nerdy and academic one at work, but I’m also that one that is open about my sexual need. So I’m going to make sure that I’ll I have a guy cum in my mouth tomorrow.

My neighbour's son  


I had the most boring day today. Felt really tired when I woke up, had to drag myself to make coffee and to go into the shower. I obviously just wanted to remain in bed with myself. Coze up in my underwear and solve crosswords. You know, it’s cold outside and you don’t want to do anything but being by yourself or with a close friend. I had to go to work.

My day was quite hectic; another meeting after another took time from even looking at my mailbox. I hate those days when you don’t even have time to even speak to colleagues. My day went in full fast forward. I tried to concentrate on the beauty of various male colleagues. One had a full hour of a presentation and I didn’t even think of looking at his crotch. That’s really bad for being me!

I decided to skip lunch and my dinner plans tonight. Instead I just wanted to go home and put on a good DVD. Have a beer and just don’t give a toss about anything in the world right now. I thought a good idea was going to put on a machine in the launderette. I picked up a bag of dirty t-shirts and briefs all in colours so it wouldn’t take that long time. When I got down to the laundry room a neighbour’s son was just folding clean and dry clothes. He smiled and said go ahead. I hadn’t booked.

I never spent that much time chatting with him except “oh hello”. He told me about university. His exams and that he wanted to go skiing over the New Year but he did not know if his parents would sponsor him for two weeks of fun. I have to say, he is a quite of a stud. Standing there in his training trousers in gray cotton and a white Calvin Klein tank top - he looked so good. I can’t believe I’ve missed this guy living in my small block of condominium flats.
I said that by just concentrating on his studies from now one, leaving him two weeks before exams would show his parents that he was serious and that he deserved a winter break. Then my mobile rang, and I had to take the call. So I left the laundry room and took him with me in my mind. Gosh what is so very close to your eyes and you don’t know about it!




Pillow talk  


Loosing my virginity  


I just came back from a dinner with friends. We talked about our first time experiences. And then I don’t include those that are innocently experimental. I’m talking about that first time when you felt you had sex, in an adult way. I went through high school like a randy boy that couldn’t stop thinking about when the next time come that I could masturbate. That’s quite a normal state for a teenage boy. However, I have always been a little bit braver than my friends. And they knew I was interested in guys, and perhaps girls. But it was the muscular and toned guys in school that caught my attention, everyone knew that. They let me be but I still just wanted to get jiggy in bed with someone.

So in my first year of high school I was almost 16 years old I decided the time had come. I had been reading personal ads in the paper looking for casual sex. And hey, I was young, very cute, was tall and quite well built. There were not internet, so most ads were recorded on telephone and you had to jump the gun and just take a chance. He could be fit or a monster. I connected with a 25 year old man, and he agreed to meet up for a coffee in town. It was cold and snowy, and I had to lie to my friends what I was going to do after school. The man was very handsome, and I had a hard on immediately. He asked if I wanted to follow him home. He pointed out that I didn’t have to agree to do anything. He said I should do whatever I wanted.

We came home to his apartment. It was quite big and a penthouse. As soon as we arrived I started to take of my clothes. Maybe a little bit too eager but I had been waiting for this moment for quite some time. And it’s better to just overcome your fear at once. Why linger?

He too started to undress. He took off his clothes but his underwear. I kept my jeans on but unbuttoned it. He said I should come and sit on him on the sofa. So I climbed up on him, and we kissed. That was not my first real kiss with tongue. But it was the first really sexual kiss. He squeezed my tiny butt and my hard on poked him on his stomach. He took of my t-shirt, and took his hands inside my jeans. He grabbed my ass cheeks. I was so nervous, so scared that I would shoot my load then and there in my jeans. Even though I wasn’t a novice to gay sex, I had gone to porn cinemas before, I fumbled quite a bit. He stood me up and went in to the bedroom. I followed. He laid down on his back on the bed and said I should come and touch him. I did. He took off his underwear and I started to jack his dick. It wasn’t too big. Average sized.

He asked if I wanted to suck it. And I started on the dick head. I tasted salty. But clean. I couldn’t go on for that much time, my jaws ached and I felt a head-ache coming. He stood up on his knees, and had me down on my back. He took of my jeans and started to lick my nipples. I was so sensitive but he was gentle. He asked me if I wanted to stop. I said no.

He went all the way down with his kisses, from my chest, over my stomach and straight down to my balls. Oh that was a feeling. I couldn’t help but to let out a grunt. He started to suck the bottom of my dick. He went all the way up and swallowed my dick half way. He sucked me for a while until I couldn’t help but to shot.

After that, I just wanted to get dressed and leaved. He kind of understood and I must have been out of there in less than five minutes. It was a mix of emotions, partly aware of a new world that I knew I couldn’t control. Partly ashamed like I had done something naughty. He sent me a few text messages but I never responded, so we never repeated the meeting. I had enough of guys to hunt back at school.

Off to the gym and see if i can find an ass to abuse  


Quick blowjob by a collegue  


Answered the email that offered me a blowjob free of charge. I sent back a message saying:

“OK, let’s do the toilet downstairs, beside the corner-entrance. In five minutes?”

I walked down to the toilet and didn’t lock the door. I started to wash my hands, and then he came in. He locked the door and turned around with a smile. I put on hand on my crotch, and started to slowly press on my jeans. He fell down to his knees, and opened my zipper and pulled down my trousers. My hard dick was wrapped inside my briefs. I couldn’t wait a second longer and took out my cock. He went directly on it. His mouth swallowed my entire cock. I had one hand on his head, pressing it smoothly towards me.

He started to press a finger on my ass pucker and I took my hand over his so to give him a sign that I wanted his finger inside me. He was still swallowing the full length, he moved only 1 cm up and down. One fingered came up my ass, then two. At this point I was really close and he must have felt it because he started to go up and down the entire length of my cock. He really did control me, with two fingers up my ass and one hand firmly on my nuts I exploded. I filled his mouth with my white juice. I was surprised how much the cum was. He continued sucking me, and the sperm cover his lips and my dick.

He then cleaned his mouth and I put on my jeans. He said “the next time it’s your turn to do me”. I always knew he was gay and dirty. But I was still quite amazed; he never really talked with me at work. But now had he done so in a blowing manner.

A sexual suggestion/invitation  


I just got this sent to me in an email, and it was from a collegue!

"I want to run my hands over your inner thighs as my mouth moves over your dick. I am going to lover my mouth over it and take in as much as I can - deep throat you. And you can be sure I am going to concentrate on my breathing! Do you want to?"

Well hell yes, he's a cute 30ish something. I need a toyboy at work for desperate situations!

Christian Jade and Titus Gallen